The stance of South African authorities has traditionally been confusing when it comes to online gambling. This is despite the fact that game developers have been allowed to operate in the country since 1994, as long as they did not accept local bets. Although Sportbooks have been allowed to operate, it is only now that overseas operators are starting to take ZAR-based bets. For various guides to help South African gamblers find trusted South African online casinos offering free games, just do a search for southafrica-online-casino .

What are the advantages of free games?

There are plenty of advantages for casinos providing free games to South African players without expecting them to register or even make a deposit. Firstly, it show that the casinos is transparent in its dealing with the player. By offering the player free games, the player can start to experience the casino's player journey as if he was a paying customer. The player can check out the licensing of the casino and see if the licenses of the online game providers in fact allow them to operate in South Africa.

Furthermore, the game variety of depth of the games offering can be scrutinised. Online casinos are businesses that want to make a profit and their games are their primary offering to attract and retain players. The more casino games of different types there are, the more the casino caters for the different tastes of players out there and he more likely a players is to stick exclusively to that casino. It all boils down to the basics of CRM - customer relationship management.


What else ca players check out?

Free games also allow to get an idea of some of the casinos operational aspects if which the payments are top of mind. The financial processes of the casino are very important to understand before making a commitment. If the casino supports South African-based payment methods and offer payouts in the ZAR-currency, then it shows the casino's commitment to support local players. The withdrawal process is also important and if there are unfair limits attached then it does not bode well for fair-play.

  • See if the casino is licensed
  • See if the game developers and providers are transparent
  • Evaluate the game variety and depth
  • Investigate the payment processes
  • Try out the customer support

The casino's customer support channels and staff can also be tested for responsiveness. Instant support channels such as chat needs to be prominently displayed on casinos pages both on the desktop as well as the mobile platform. Backup channels such as email and telephone should be catered for and frequently asked questions should be catered for on a FAQ page. The responsiveness, attitude and knowledge of the staff should be evaluated too. The way they treat free players will be an indication of how they treat their paying players.

What are the next steps?

Now that South African gamblers are facing a plethora of new online casinos entering the local market and accepting ZAR-baed bets, they are also faced with the dilemma of identifying casinos that promote safe, legal and fair play. Luckily, transparent online casinos are prepared to offer their games for free-play so that South African players can first experience the player journey at the casino without having to sign up and deposit at the casino. So, do your research! A little leg-work up front will stand you in good stead later.