Do-It-Yourself Termite Treatment

Do-it-yourself procedures should be taken with caution. It is always better if experts handle home repair issues. This is especially true for residential plumbing jobs, sewer drain cleaning and of course, anything and everything about professional plumbing.

One other thing that is more advisable to be handled by experts is termite extermination. This is due to the fact that chemicals are involved, and a minor slip up could result in serious injuries. Also, improper chemical handling could also cause health issues.

People who opt for do-it-yourself treatments are usually concerned about the expenses involved. However, it is best to have the situation checked for free so that you can understand the urgency of the problem you are dealing with. They can also provide you a quotation, which you can compare to the expense you would be spending for the chemicals, materials and tools you need to do repair yourself. Of course, your computation would not include the amount of time you will be spending on the treatment, rather than on other things more productive, and it might not include the do overs you have to do, should you commit errors while doing the procedure.

Of course, this is not to say that getting rid of the issues on your own is not a possible job. It is, but you should have to be wary of the possible good and bad outcomes of doing the task by yourself.

In the case of doing termite treatments, there are two ways you can get rid of your own termites – termiticides or termite baits.

Termiticides are barriers that prevent termites from breaking through and entering the walls and structures of your home. However, when the termites are already able to penetrate, the termiticides can be used to prevent the pests from digging through the soil, where they get their nutrients to survive. This way, they are trapped and they eventually die. After which, cleaning out and probably a change of material will be made. This is also because using termiticides, especially when the infestation has already occurred, will involve drilling.

This is a delicate procedure; the very reason why doing it without professional help, can be very difficult.

Termite Baits, on the other hand, will lure the termites into eating it, eventually killing them.

There are various baiting systems available in the market. You can either inject chemicals into the soil within the vicinity of your house, and the effects could last for year. You can also place the chemicals near the structure itself, and still harbor the same effect. However you decide to place your termite baits, they are effective because termites are killed even before they reach your home.

This procedure is recommended when the conditions of the house, or any structure you are trying to protect from infestation, have an untreatable soil that makes the effects of termiticides ineffective. This usually happens for structures near a body of water.

As you plan to get rid of termites soon, you can choose from the two available options. Just always make sure that you read instructions carefully. The slightest doubt you have, call professionals immediately.


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