Cold Showers are Never Fun Not Even for a Plumber

When you first get married things can be a little difficult in the beginning. You have two people who have lived on their own until now. Then all of  a sudden you are living with someone and around them all the time. So you will figure out each other habits of living. One thing you need to always remember is that you do not want to try and change one another. That is key to keeping each other happy and you want to keep each other happy. Because when one of you guys are having a bad day. You both are going to be having a bad day!

One thing about my wife is she loves taking extremely hot and long showers. That use to annoy me when we first got married but I soon learned to accept it. It was never a problem at the first home we were renting at. Once we bought our first house together things changed, though. It was like after she showered, we never any hot water. So after the 4th or 5th cold shower, I finally decided maybe something was wrong with the hot water heater. So I called up an Anniston, AL plumber to come out and take a look. I was right. He had a bad heating element. He was able to fix it up in no time!

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